Zettle & Starling: small business banking made easy

Starling Bank is a digital bank built to give people a fairer, smarter and more human alternative to the banks of the past. Right now, they’re launching a new payments integration feature that allows customers who take payments to easily sync sales activity with their banking app. To launch this new feature Starling is collaborating with Zettle.

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Coming together to support small business

As Starling is a small business banking app Zettle became the obvious choice. Both Zettle and Starling are known for supporting small business owners and the SME bank community in the UK, and also hold strong digital capabilities in technology. Available on the Starling Marketplace to both businesses and sole traders, this new integration lets you see your Zettle data in your Starling account. The info you can see includes:

  • Number of transactions in the last week
  • Value of transactions in the last week
  • Breakdown of Zettle payouts including: number of transactions, fees, tips and taxes

Once you’ve linked your accounts in the Starling banking app, the benefits will be accessible to both existing Zettle customers and Starling customers who want to sign up to Zettle for the first time.

100% Digital

In the current climate, effective digital options are essential for businesses working remotely or as they start to reopen. This includes the influx of remote and online payments as well as a greater need for contactless payments. Starling and Zettle are striving to make business owners’ lives easier by offering 100% digital services.

Simple set-up

The Starling integration is a great way for businesses to safely open up for business - whether that’s moving away from cash, or focusing on contactless options. Zettle accepts most major credit cards, allows for the unification of stock across offline and online channels, and offers e-commerce. You can also keep track of tips, handle cash payments, and send digital receipts all within the app.

Rich data

Be more informed about the comings and goings of your business. The granular payout receipt data and tile data allows you to improve the way your business operates based on real insight - like the most popular products or service times. For Starling premium users, data can also be plugged straight into the toolkit to make your bookkeeping as simple as possible.

Looking to add a card reader to your set up? Take quick, easy and safe contactless payments with the award-winning Zettle Reader 2. For a limited time only, Starling customers can get their first Zettle Reader 2 for just £9 + VAT. 

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